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What our users are saying about Sprive

At Sprive, it’s very important to us that our users are getting value from the service we provide. Ultimately for us, it’s all about building trust and helping as many people as possible save money on their mortgage and pay it off faster.

Since our launch last month, we’ve helped thousands of people across the country take their first steps towards paying off their mortgage with Sprive. Here we thought, we’d give you some insight into what people are saying about us.

Who is using Sprive?

Before we talk about the feedback we’re getting, we’d thought it would be useful to give you an insight into who is actually using Sprive.

Here is are some of our early observations….

  • Our customers are from all over the country
  • Both homeowners who actively overpay and those who are doing so for the first time use Sprive
  • About half of our users bought their home within the last 5 years
  • The average user has around £250,000 left on their mortgage and is paying their lender an extra £120 a month

App Store Rating

App store ratings are a really good way for us to gauge how we’re doing. After all, if everyone is giving us 1 stars, then we know something isn’t right. Whilst we’re not getting 5 stars across the board, we think we’ve made an okay start.

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App Store Reviews

Here’s just a snippet of some of the reviews we’ve received on the app store.

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Sprive app reviews 2

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Areas to improve

We’re all about making the app better and it's probably unsurprising to hear that we've also received some constructive feedback. In response to some of the feedback we have received, we’ve added the ability to be able to cancel all our auto-saves within the app and we’re currently working on adding the ability to pause our auto-save feature. This will help people who are looking to take a temporary break or people who prefer to manually make saves by using our ‘top up’ feature.

If you’re using the app and have suggestions to help us improve, then please do email us at