Mortgage Free, Faster

Find spare cash and earn rewards from everyday shopping, so you can save thousands in interest
and take years off your mortgage.

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How can Sprive help you pay off
your mortgage faster?

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Automate your savings

We’ll save spare cash, so you can make payments to your lender in one tap.

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Rewards from shopping

Get cashback from your everyday spending to pay off your mortgage faster.

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Remortgage easily

We’ll automatically link to your mortgage to help you get your next deal at the right time.


“Thanks to Sprive I was able to both easily manage repayments, but also find great deals for remortgaging, which Sprive took the hassle out of too.”

Indi Rai

Head of Marketing

How to make overpayments with Sprive

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Link bank account

Download Sprive & connect a bank account to start smart autosaving.

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Set your saving limits

Our smart AI will save the perfect amount within limits you can afford.

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Mortgage-free faster

In one tap, make payments to your lender, or withdraw the money back.

Save money automatically

Sprive’s AI will save money for you based on your spending, without it impacting your lifestyle.

Set your saving limits, and let the app do the rest.

Stay on the best
deal when you remortgage


24/7 deal


Access to 170+ lenders


Free independent advice


Free mortgage advice


Jargon free

Remortgaging the easy way.

Sprive will challenge your mortgage against the market every day to help you find your next deal. We have access to expert advisors who take care of everything, every step of the way.

How we’re different from:

Comparison Sites

Shows you a lot of deals, but doesn’t tell you if you’re eligible and you’ll need to apply yourself.

Your Lender

Will only show you their deals, which might not be the cheapest in the market.

Traditional Brokers

Often charge fees and are unable to scan the market every day for better deals.


Shop and earn
extra cash towards your mortgage

When you do your everyday shopping through the app, you’ll earn cashback within 15 minutes to put towards your mortgage in one tap.

There are over 50 brands available for you in the app so you can earn a little extra each time you shop.

Shop with Sprive Brands

Shop with Sprive Brands

We take your security extremely seriously

We have bank level equivalent security in place and use 256-bit TLS encryption to keep you safe.

Data privacy

We never share your personal data with any other parties without your consent.


Imagine your life
without a mortgage

At Sprive, our mission help homeowners take back control of their mortgage, have less debt and save in interest.

We want to empower you with the knowledge and tools to be able to save extra towards your mortgage and closer to living mortgage-free, just by living your everyday life.

Download Sprive Today

Sprive supports 13 of the largest lenders in the UK. It’s completely free.