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Mortgage free,

Smart technology that takes years off your mortgage and saves you thousands of pounds. It's completely free.

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We both knew we’d like to start chipping away at our mortgage and Sprive is the kickstart we needed. The app provides a real sense of accomplishment when you see your projected time and interest savings in real time

Sharon Rai

Automatically chip away by making smart payments

How it works...

Smarter Payments
1. Link your account

Connect your bank account so we can set money aside based on your spending

Always on the best deal
2. Set your limit

Our AI works within your set limits, so we never impact your lifestyle

It's completely free
3. One-tap payments

With one tap, you can make payments to your lender or withdraw the money back

Millions of homeowners are paying off their mortgage faster

There is a smarter way with Sprive...

Get access to better deals

You could save thousands next time you remortgage, by reducing your loan to value

Better than your savings account

With saving rates at rock bottom, you could save more

Path to freedom

Fancy retiring early, travelling the world, doing more volunteer work? It’s all possible when you’re mortgage free

We take your security and privacy extremely seriously

We use bank level security and never share your personal data without your consent.

FCA Registered

We’re an appointed representative of Albany Park Limited for mortgage services.

Being debt free isn’t just for the super rich.

Over 3 million people in the UK are expected to have a mortgage past the national retirement age.

At Sprive, our goal is to bring about transparency and build technology that can help you live a debt free life.

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