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Shop at your favourite brands
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Earn same-day cash to put
towards your mortgage

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Let’s see how much you could earn towards
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Here are just some of the brands we’ve partnered with to give
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How much you could save in interest

How much earlier you could be mortgage-free

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Amount and time savings highlighted in this online calculator act as a guide, are for illustration purposes and may vary based on your lender. In order to create the results we've made the following assumptions:

  • Savings are calculated based on the mortgage information you have provided us
  • Based on a repayment mortgage
  • Overpayments will have the effect of reducing your mortgage term
  • Interest is calculated daily and added monthly
  • Monthly overpayments remain the same over the term of the mortgage
  • Your rate of interest always stays the same
  • No changes to your mortgage which would result in a recalculation of your monthly payment
  • It’s based on the assumption that on average you’ll the earn the cashback reward rates towards your mortgage under each spending category. Savings were calculated based on the average available discount rates available as of today. Please note that cashback reward rates do change over time and we cannot accept responsibility for any discrepancies between the reward rates within the app and the savings highlighted within this online calculator.

Estimations are provided on a non-advised basis. Click here to read our full Terms & Conditions.

The calculator is for illustrative purposes only. It does not provide a precise calculation of the time or interest you could save, but is intended to give you information and guidance about the potential savings. Please note the calculator does not factor in any charges for early repayments of the total mortgage balance and is based on a capital repayment mortgage.


“Great to slowly chip away at the mortgage and see the impacts in the app. I have found the rewards and cashback feature very easy and super quick.”

James Cheung

Business Analyst

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Check out our FAQ’s

How do I get access to Shop with Sprive?

Simply download the app and complete the sign-up journey. Once done, you can find the feature available under the ‘Rewards’ tab.

How does Shop with Sprive help homeowners?

Just by doing your regular shopping with the Sprive app, you can earn extra money which you can send to your mortgage with just one tap. You’ll be amazed, at the impact an extra £25 a month towards the mortgage can have. For example, a £250,000 mortgage at 5% for 30 years would save you £11,230 and help you pay off your mortgage 1 year and 2 months earlier.

How does Shop with Sprive work?

Click on the rewards tab to become familiar with the brands we have partnered with. With each brand when you click on the offer you can see the % reward on offer and whether the offer is available in-store, online, or both. You can either pre-purchase a voucher for a select amount at your preferred brand or you can wait until you’ve done your normal shopping and you’re at checkout. Simply enter the amount you would like to purchase, hit ‘pay now’, and authorise the payment via your banking app. Upon successful payment, you will be presented with a voucher which can use to scan and pay for the shop in full. Sprive will then credit you the reward to your Sprive account within a couple of hours. You can then pay this money to your lender with just one tap.

How quickly do rewards get paid to me?

As soon as you’ve purchased a voucher with a brand via the Sprive app, we will aim to credit the reward to your Sprive account within a couple of hours at the latest.

Can I use vouchers online or instore?

This depends on the brand itself. Some brands are online only, some are in-store only and some are available in both. Before purchasing a voucher with Sprive you can check under each brand where the voucher can be used.

How do I get access to unused vouchers?

Click on the rewards tab and select ‘Your Vouchers.’ From here you can see all voucher codes which have not been used.

What brands do you work with?

We work with some of the biggest brands in the UK so that together we can help you combat rising prices and higher mortgage rates. We’re always working hard to add more brands, but here are just some of the retailers we work with: Morrisons, Waitrose, M&S, Iceland, Costa Coffee, Café Nero, Deliveroo, Just Eat, Uber Eats, Primark, Boohoo, Asos, Decathlon, Foot Locker, New Look, River Island, Superdry, John Lewis, B&M, Matalan, Argos, Boots, airbnb, Uber,, Halfords, Ernest Jones, H.Samuel, WHSmith.

Can I withdraw the money back to my bank account?

All rewards earned via Shop with Sprive can only be paid towards your mortgage. The brands have only agreed to work with Sprive as they’re keen to help homeowners in their efforts to become mortgage free.

Can I use Shop with Sprive if I have no extra money to make overpayments?

Yes. Just indefinitely pause your auto-saves via the Auto-Save tab and then you can do your everyday shopping via the Rewards tab. You’ll be surprised how quickly regular use of the feature will help you earn. Once you have earned more than £1, you will have the ability to pay this to the lender with just one tap, with the exception of Nationwide as they have a minimum threshold of £500.

Why do you not accept payments via debit/credit cards?

We process payments via bank transfer so that we can offer our customers a greater % of the rewards. Debit card and credit card providers charge high fees which would significantly reduce the level of reward we would be able to offer you. Our goal is to help you save as much money as possible on your mortgage.

Why is cashback toward your mortgage better?

Cashback towards your mortgage is better using the Sprive app because it helps you save money on your mortgage while you do your regular shopping. Unlike other cashback sites, the money you earn is invested into your mortgage giving you an effective rate equal to your mortgage rate.

Is cashback free money?

Yes, as you pay the face value of the goods and then the discount is an additional benefit received on top of a purchase that we’ve been able to get the retailer or service provider to fund, so that it helps you become mortgage free, faster.

What is cashback limit?

Whilst there is no limit to how much cashback you can earn via Sprive, the minimum amount you can pay to your lender is £1 via the Sprive app.

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