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We’re publicly launching!

We’re excited to announce that Sprive is ready to publicly launch! Over the last 6 months, the team has been working hard to build Sprive 2.0. The improvements have been made on the back of feedback received from our early users.

The app has now been tested across hundreds of users and now we’re ready to unleash the app to homeowners across the UK.

Sprive - mortgage, free, faster

What’s new now that we’re launching?

Download now

Anyone with an iPhone or an Android device can now download the Sprive app from the App store. If you’re on the waiting list and we can support your lender, then if you haven’t already then you will receive your invitation to download the app this week.

Automatically source your mortgage information

One of the frustrations with the first version of the app was that our users had to manually enter their mortgage information and were responsible for keeping it updated. We now source all your mortgage information directly from your lender and we refresh the data every month. No more do you have to go find out how much you have left on your mortgage and type in information such as your mortgage account number.

Smart payments

Now you can benefit from our smart algorithm, which helps you set aside money based on your spending. The less you spend, the more we set aside within monthly limits set by you. With just one tap, you can make payments to your lender or you can withdraw the money back to your bank account should you need the money back.

Track progress

With our simple dashboards, you can see how much interest on your track to save and how much sooner you’re likely to become mortgage-free. We also help you track things like how much your home is worth, your loan to value, and your historical payments. Say goodbye to managing your mortgage overpayments via spreadsheets!

Payment limits

Some people let early repayment charges scare them off. You may be surprised to know that most lenders allow you to overpay up to 10% of your outstanding balance a year, which for most is plenty. For peace of mind, you can set an overpayment limit within the Sprive app. This will help you track your payments versus your set limit and we will alert you if you get close.

How can you help us?

Whilst we have made some huge improvements with the latest version of the app, we have a long way to go to help homeowners on their journey towards becoming mortgage-free. From day one, our philosophy has been to focus on building something that people love. So we ask that you continue to give us feedback. It is invaluable in helping us refine the product. You can reach out to us via the app or email us at with any questions or suggestions – we’d love to chat!