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Personal finance experts talking about Sprive!

Since launching in October last year, we have had a number of personal finance experts within the UK telling their followers about Sprive.

It’s been a great way for us to build the brand and grow. We recognise that creating ‘trust’ is really important and it’s great to see personal finance experts that we massively respect are absolutely loving what we’re doing at Sprive.

Here are just some snippets of what some of the leading personal finance experts think about Sprive.

Personal finance experts talking about Sprive!

Pete Matthew at Meaningful Money

"I'm a massive fan of automation but also being intentional, so it seems like Sprive offers the best of both worlds. A lot is happening through AI and monitoring spending, which is ace and can really accelerate your ability to become mortgage-free, faster."

You can listen to our CEO, Jinesh Vohra, taking to Pete Matthew on his podcast here.

Pete Komolafe at Conversation of Money

"I would strongly encourage you to go and download the Sprive app for free." Sign-up is really simple. It takes two to five minutes to sign up and it's very simple to use. When you get in there, it's really intuitive. Just a few pounds daily, you wouldn't think that makes a difference, but actually, it really does."

You can listen to our CEO, Jinesh Vohra, taking to Pete Komolafe on episode 15 of his podcast here.

Ken and Mary Okoroafor – The Humble Penny

"What we love about this app is that it gives you a lot of control, you can easily cancel and pause the auto-saves it auto-generates for you. You can easily withdraw that money if you decide in a particular month that you actually needed the money for something else."

"The second thing we love is that it gives you the freedom to put more money or less money each month. The final thing we love is that it gives you complete transparency, such that you don't exceed the usual 10% requirement for overpayments which most mortgage products allow you on an annual basis."

You can view their YouTube video where they talk about Sprive here.

Lynn Beattie – Mrs. MummyPenny

“Sprive is a very simple app that will make regular auto-savings for you from your nominated current account and will then make mortgage overpayments for you. One of the things I love about the app is its flexibility. I can let my auto-savings build up in savings and withdraw it back to my current account if I really need the money that month. This flexibility was great over the past few months, I have been trialing Sprive since early 2022 but only felt ready to make the mortgage overpayment this month for the first time.”

"The dashboard of the app and the tracking of progress are simple to understand, and all the information is there in the palm of your hand in the app. All of your mortgage information in the app, mortgage balance, and even the value of your property are kept updated so you always know your equity % ownership. An app that automates a process that saves me money and that is free is a definite winner for me."

You can read more about Mrs. MummyPenny’s views on Sprive in this blog article here.

All Things Money

“Make sure you take advantage of Sprive. There are so many benefits to overpaying your mortgage. It’s a great tool to calculate how much you can afford to overpay and makes it really simple to get started.”

You can listen to our CEO, Jinesh Vohra, taking to Ola on her podcast here.


“Fortunately I have found a free app that helps you pay off your mortgage faster.” It’s simple to set up a Sprive account. It just takes a few minutes to link your bank account and set the minimum and the maximum amount you want to set aside to help you overpay your mortgage. It’s a great app so that’s why you’ll want to download it.”

You can have a look at Ato’s TikTok post on Sprive here.

Afzal Hussein

“The app gives you total control, so it’s easy to pause, cancel or withdraw if needed. Personally, I think Sprive is a novel concept, and if you’ve got a mortgage, you should definitely consider using it.”

You can view their YouTube video where they talk about Sprive here.